The POCC is a program of the Alameda County Behavioral Health Office of Peer Support Services


OAKLAND, CALIF - PEERS is sad to announce the cancellation of You Matter Virtual ArtistShowcase and Fundraiser. The event was originally scheduled for Friday, September 24,2021, at 5 pm but scheduling conflicts arose in recent days.

In place of the originally planned event, PEERS will compile the stories of the artists thatwere interviewed for the event into a documentary-style video. The video will exploreartistry, creativity, and mental health. Featured artists are rapper and producer Ay Gabe!,singer-songwriter Kivi of Kittenhead, and muralist Keenevisions.

The video will premiere on Thursday, at 5 pm on PEERS’ Sep 30, 2021 youtube channel. You can bookmark the video and catch it when it goes live here.

PEERS’ will still be collecting donations in conjunction with the video to increase capacity oftheir programs and continue reducing stigma around mental health. To donate, visit

For more information, reach out to PEERS Media & Communications Coordinator AlejandroRamos at